Vermilion (ver-mil-yuh n): Every collection needs a showstopper, and this bold red is mine! Made for those who love a beautiful red lip color. Dare to stand out, because you are sure to turn heads! Make a statement on a romantic evening with that special someone.

The formula contains Coconut oil which is rich in natural moisturizers and anti-oxidants, providing comfort and nutrition to lips, making them smoother, younger, and healthier. It's paraben-free with a natural fragrance of vanilla and vitamin E infused to make lips feel soft, moisturized and comfortable.

*Tips for Application:

  • Exfoliate lips with Sugar Lip Scrub before applying liquid matte lipstick for better application. Matte lipstick easily settles into any rough patches.

  • Line The Lips First Then Fill

  • Avoid Rubbing Lips Together

*Note: Oily foods will act as a removing agent which will remove some of your lipstick.

Cruelty free and Vegan product.

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