Ila (ee-la): is the perfect shade of purple which is not too bright, nor too light, it can be somewhat on the dark side in different lighting. The subtleness of this color is what makes this lip shade suitable for days you want to add a little excitement to your look. Be bold and unassuming. Get ready to be the center of attention.

The formula contains Coconut oil which is rich in natural moisturizers and anti-oxidants, providing comfort and nutrition to lips, making them smoother, younger, and healthier. It's paraben-free with a natural fragrance of vanilla and vitamin E infused to make lips feel soft, moisturized and comfortable.

*Tips for Application:

  • Exfoliate lips with Sugar Lip Scrub before applying liquid matte lipstick for better application. Matte lipstick easily settles into any rough patches.

  • Line The Lips First Then Fill

  • Avoid Rubbing Lips Together

*Note: Oily foods will act as a removing agent which will remove some of your lipstick.

Cruelty free and vegan product.

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