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I am Nanhy Cruz, the Sole Owner of Barbie Beats Cosmetics. An inspiring, caring, genuine, self taught MUA - that aspires to help women feel and look beautiful, as well as confident. My passion for Cosmetics began years ago while Modeling, where I learned a lot about Cosmetics and the application of Cosmetics. Many years later, I started to feel a bit stagnant in my Modeling career and I had a deep desire to do more. I looked into Cosmetology School as I continued my Modeling/Acting career. I began to really focus on Cosmetics and my artistry. With my strong work ethic, the focus on my business career and ‘not taking shortcuts to get to the top’ attitude - I began to build a loyal client base. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as my sharp-witted business sense led me to recognize a trend where my followers and clients would inquire about products used, to achieve certain looks. Barbie Beats Cosmetics / Barbie Beats by Nanhy was established when I decided to expand my business career and start my very own Cosmetic Line - starting with a custom line of liquid matte lipsticks, lip llavas and sugar lip scrubs. My mission is to continue to build my brand as well as continue my passion with building long and trusting relationships with my clients, while showing them how to enhance their beauty.

Because... "beauty has no bounds".



To see some of my MUA work or to book with me, be sure to visit my "Makeup Portfolio" page.


Advice to all of my followers (or anyone for that matter); is to know that it is possible to have an idea, follow through with it and have the courage to pursue it. I appreciate you all & thank you for all of the love and support you show me! Make sure you follow all my Social Handles as well as use the hashtags #BarbieBeatsCosmetics and #BarbieBeatsbyNanhy for a chance to be featured.


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Barbie Beats Cosmetics™

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